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Creepy Homes For Sale Just in Time for Halloween!

Step into the realm of the eerie and the extraordinary, where history, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural meet. Okay, maybe that’s overstating it a bit. But as Halloween approaches, it’s the ideal time to explore the world of spooky houses for sale. These homes, steeped in history and shrouded in an air of mystery, are not for the faint of heart. Let's go inside!


Natchez, Mississippi - $134,000

4 bedrooms

3 baths

3,922 square feet

Built in 1900

Victorian gold! A very affordable home that’s in pretty amazing condition. I love the beautiful interior.


Salisbury, North Carolina - $225,000

7 bedrooms

2 baths

4,898 square feet

Built in 1896

Here’s another spooky house that’s on the National Register of Historic Places. Known as the Napoleon Bonaparte McCanless House, this slightly foreboding beauty is 125 years old and even has its own Wikipedia page. Whoever buys it needs to have their game face on when restoring, but just imagine the possibilities!


Columbus, Ohio - $877,000

5 bedrooms

3 baths

9,150 square feet

Built in 1900

Here’s a spooky mansion that scratches all the right itches. We are loving the insane rooftop, dark cherry and mahogany wood, and one-level turret/tower. And who doesn’t need some sculptured lion heads on their fence? I could see doing some serious brooding in this place. And just look how it puts the neighbor’s house to shame!


Grantsville, West Virginia - $225,000

4 baths

26,000 square feet

Built in 1923

Where in the US can you get 26,000 square feet of spooky bliss for just $225,000? Rural West Virginia, that’s where. This nearly century old stone structure is a throwback to a time when they built schools to look like maximum security prisons. It’s gothic on the outside and delightfully gloomy on the inside.

"Final" Thoughts

Intrigued by these spooky houses for sale? While they may send shivers down your spine, they also offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of history that's laden with character, charm, and perhaps a few lingering mysteries. Whether you're drawn to the haunting beauty of a Victorian mansion or the allure of an abandoned mid-century gem, these homes have a way of capturing your imagination.

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