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Dare to Dream!

If you envision a new home in 2023, together we can make your dream a reality!

Although it’s hard to imagine a silver lining of the pandemic, one positive outcome

is that the restrictions reinforced the importance of home for countless people.

Because many homeowners began working remotely, they had a unique

opportunity to envision living in the home of their dreams. A full 27 percent of

homeowners in a recent Northwestern Life survey indicate “buying a dream home”

as a near-term goal.

If you find yourself among the dreamers, I’d love to assist you. There’s

nothing more joyful to me than helping my clients find the home of their

dreams. But keep this in mind: Before packing your bags in anticipation

of living in your “dream” home, the first step is to determine how much

mortgage you can truly afford because the number may be markedly

different than how much the bank says you can afford.

Wait a minute! Are you messing with me?

Look at it this way: A much-desired “dream” home can quickly lose its

luster if you find yourself “house poor,” buried by a mortgage, and unable

to enjoy some small luxuries that make life pleasurable. Everyone needs

an occasional vacation, new furnishings, or a membership to a gym.

Now we can talk dreams

Once you’ve determined a reasonable purchase price, it’s time to consider

your dream! For most homeowners, a grand, high-end kitchen is the first item desired in a dream home. A dream backyard with pool, play area, or garden is also very popular. And don’t forget a sumptuous main bedroom with spa-

like ensuite! It’s delightful to jot down a list of features in a “dream home,” Often,

though, I find that buyers are instinctively drawn to a home by the feeling

they get as soon they walk through the front door. So, it’s important to

keep an open mind because that dream home may need a few changes or

updates. Enjoy the process and scope out neighborhoods that interest you.

I am eager to help

Are you ready to get started? I have both experience and neighborhood expertise to

help you find your “perfect match. Perhaps that dream is closer than you think.

Give me a call today! 925-200-2126


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