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Fun--and Strange--Facts about Houses!

Today, let’s enjoy the lighter side of real estate and get ready to be surprised by these unusual house facts. Let’s get started.

Did you know that Sears revolutionized DIY homeownership? Sears sold more than 75,000 mail-order houses from 1908 to 1940 and many still stand today. Homeowners could choose from more than 370 different floor plans in many different architectural designs.

Did you know that a creaking house has nothing to do with its age or ghosts roaming the halls? Rather, creaking (or settling) is the result of thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature and humidity fluctuations. So, it’s perfectly normal, although it can be a bit “unsettling.”

Did you know that you can buy a French castle for less than a fixer-upper in Los Angeles? Own an 18th-century French castle for just over $1 million, whereas, in Los Angeles, the same budget may only get you a home in need of extensive renovations. And it won’t be a castle!

Do you think that taxes are a modern pain-in-the neck? Actually, property taxes have a rich history dating back to ancient Egypt in 5,000 B.C., proving that taxes have been an enduring part of civilization. Enduring is right!

Did you know that you can potentially boost your home's value by painting your front door black? According to Zillow, black front doors often fetch higher asking prices, with potential increases of up to $6,449. Slate blue doors come in a close second.

Are you curious about the world's largest house? Located in Mumbai, India, this colossal mansion owned by Mukesh Ambani boasts a jaw-dropping 400,000 square feet, 27 stories, multiple swimming pools, and a staggering 168 parking spaces.

Have you heard of a mortgage-burning party? In the early 20th century, homeowners celebrated paying off their mortgages with mortgage-burning parties. While Scottish tradition involved painting front doors red, others marked this milestone by ceremoniously burning their mortgage documents. (I think I saw this on an episode of The Waltons!)

Another fact: I'd love to help you navigate the real estate market. If you are interested in learning more, please give me a call today.

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