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Thanksgiving Pies: What's California's Favorite:

graphic with pumpkin pie on it

Intrigued to discover the top Thanksgiving pies in each state? Let’s explore the sweet revelations from Google's "most searched" pies and unravel a delightful tapestry of pie preferences across the nation!

But before I reveal California’s favorite pie, let’s look at the history of Thanksgiving pies.

image of delicious fruit pie

As Thanksgiving approaches, the anticipation of a grand feast is heightened by the timeless tradition of pies—a sweet embodiment of gratitude and indulgence seamlessly woven into our celebrations. Originating from simple crusts in Egypt and Greece, pies evolved into culinary masterpieces under Roman influence, introducing an array of diverse fillings.

In medieval Europe, pies metamorphosed into vessels for both sweet and savory delights. When European settlers brought this tradition to the New World, pies adapted to incorporate locally available ingredients. While pumpkin pie now stands as a symbol of Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and Native Americans likely relished a

variety of savory pies during their inaugural feast.

The 19th century witnessed Thanksgiving's transformation into a national holiday, firmly establishing pies as a centerpiece of the celebratory meal. Accessible ready-made crusts and canned fillings further fueled the widespread tradition of baking pies for Thanksgiving. Around the festive table, each slice becomes not merely a culinary creation but a continuation of a centuries-old tradition—a delectable thread seamlessly woven into the fabric of our celebrations.

And California's Winner?

And now, I’ll reveal the most-searched pie in California for Thanksgiving: Pumpkin! I know that sounds boring, but if you’d like to bake a pumpkin pie with a twist, check out his great recipe. My friend's daughter bakes it every year. This year, I think it's my turn to give it a try!

Happy Thanksgiving to my clients and friends!


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